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Summit Catalyst - Helping Leaders Reach their Vision
Strategy Discovery
There’s the mountain. Here’s the rope. All we need is a good map and to decide which way to go! Navigating to the top is a process we can help you explore.
Executive Coaching
The strategic destination is set, but leaders need to be reminded about what they already know to be important. We help leaders deepen the learning and forward the action.
Leadership Growth
Leadership is an ever expanding challenge. We help leaders grow as they sharpen their axe with new resources and through structured learning experiences.
Change Management
Change is a constant and the role of leaders to both decide and implement solutions recurs daily on every front. We help you clarify and deliver the change you need.
Team Building
No ropes courses here! If one person could do everything, there would be no need for teams, but there is strength in numbers. We guide you in building strong teams!
Organizational Development
Organizations, like individuals, develop in stages and need to adapt and adjust to remain relevant. We help you understand and manage this lifecycle dynamic and thrive.

About Summit Catalyst

What is the thing that links you to your vision? What is the “why” that keeps your mind and energy stayed upon the hope of achieving what you have set your mind to accomplish. This thing, this “why”…is your catalyst and sustains you when all the odds are against you.

Most people go through life without ever knowing what drives them, or can drive them to be more and do more than they ever imagined. Summit Catalyst exists to help organizations and individuals discover and release this boundless transformative power within them to help them reach their vision.

Organizations are comprised of individuals, so as leaders thrive, so goes the organization. We use proven, structured, best-practice methods to enable the process of growth in organizational systems and personal performance.

Let’s Discuss Your Vision

“Because it is there.” — George Mallory, answering the question ‘Why do you want to climb Mt. Everest?

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